Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I apply for a Jake Jabs Center scholarship even if I am not a Business School student?

A: Yes, we have scholarships available to both degree and non-degree students at CU Denver. You need to be currently enrolled in an ENTP course. For more information, please read our Tuition & Scholarships page.


Q: Do I need instructor consent to enroll in entrepreneurship (ENTP) courses?

A: No. You can search for our courses by selecting “Extended Studies” under the Campus dropdown on the online Class Search. Here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to enroll in our courses.


Q: Do ENTP courses count as credit toward my degree?

A: Yes. ENTP is under the extended studies campus. That does not change the credit you’ll earn toward your degree.


Q: Do my GI benefits apply to ENTP courses?

A: GI benefits can be applied to our Certificate in Entrepreneurship program.


Q: I am an international student, can I study entrepreneurship?

A: Yes, our Certificate in Entrepreneurship is an approved program for international students. Please talk to an international student advisor for more information.

For Undergraduates

Q: If I do not want to start a business, should I study entrepreneurship?

A: Absolutely! Entrepreneurial thinking is recognized and valued by a majority of hiring managers. Close to 90% of businesses in Colorado are considered small businesses, which includes startups. The Denver metropolitan area is an entrepreneurial hub that needs more recent graduates with work-ready skills. Consider a double major. Talk to your undergraduate advisor about maximizing your course selections.


Q: I am not a Business School student, can I still study entrepreneurship?

A: Yes, entrepreneurship (ENTP) courses are open to all students at CU Denver. Additionally, we have an undergraduate certificate and minor available. Talk to your undergraduate advisor about how to declare.


Q: I am graduating next semester, can I substitute another course for an ENTP course?

A: It is unlikely, but you can check with our team and your undergraduate advisor about getting in an ENTP course and completing your requirements in time for graduation. In the event of a student waiver, the request must be approved prior to taking another course outside of ENTP.

For Graduates

Q: Can an entrepreneurship (ENTP) course apply toward my graduate degree?

A: ENTP courses can apply as electives toward advanced degrees degree. MBA students can declare a specialization in entrepreneurship (which requires four ENTP courses to complete). MS students can earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship (which requires three ENTP courses to complete). MS students should check with their graduate advisor before enrolling in their first ENTP course.


Q: Can I take ENTP courses before I’m accepted into the Business School?

A: Yes, ENTP courses are open to all degree and non-degree students at CU Denver. You do not need to be enrolled, or even intend to enroll, in the Business School to take an ENTP course. Entrepreneurship can be a great complement or pathway to pursuing any advanced degree at CU Denver. This option is also available to international students.


Q: What is the difference between ENTP courses and other Business School studies?

A: ENTP courses teach you to think entrepreneurially and intrapreneurially, whether you plan to start your own business or not. Our programs teach you how to consider the best business practices through the eyes of a startup or small business. Almost 90% of businesses in Colorado are small businesses.