Rutt Bridges Venture Fund (RBVF)

Rutt Bridges Venture Fund

RBVF - Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship

The Rutt Bridges Venture Fund (RBVF) is an early stage, micro investment fund operated by a cross-disciplinary team of University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) students. Under the supervision of faculty members and professional advisors, the Fund invests real money in real companies of the Denver community.

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Submit Your Business Plan

Earn up to $50,000 in funding for your next business venture.

Are you a current student or recent graduate looking to grow your business idea? RBVF at CU Denver accepts business plan submissions semiannually at the start of the fall and spring semesters. We seek innovative, high-impact ideas in which to make investments of $5,000 to $50,000. Please note that we do not invest in real estate, gambling, cannabis, or any other industry incompatible with the mission of CU Denver.

Every applicant must provide a business plan and/or pitch deck that includes the following requirements:

    • Executive Summary
      • Name of the business
      • How and where the business is organized or incorporated
      • Description of what the company does (product, service, etc.)
    • Market Analysis
      • Discussion of the total domestic or global market available for the company’s product/service
      • Market share currently held or attainable by the company
      • Discussion and analysis of relevant competition (if any)
      • Discussion of differentiating factors related to the company’s product/service
    • Financial Analysis
      • Current balance sheet for the company
      • Historical income statements (early-stage companies with existing revenue)
      • Projected financial statements (at least 2 years)
      • Discussion and analysis of Key Performance Indicators or other metrics relevant to the business (how will you know if you are performing?)
      • Discussion of monetization strategy
    • Funding Request
      • Amount you are requesting from the RBVF
      • Sources/Uses of funds analysis
    • Ownership/Management Team
      • Names and backgrounds/experience (bio’s)
      • Contact information

After reviewing all submissions that meet requirements, up to three submissions will be selected for a live presentation to the RBVF team. Any investment proposals by the RBVF team will then be communicated back via a specific term sheet.

Our next deadline for business plan submissions is Wednesday, Feb. 28th, 2024.

Join as a Student Member

At RBVF, you and other exceptional students at CU Denver come together to run a bona fide investment fund. Faculty members and professional advisors will support and mentor you throughout the entire process. Together, you will research, debate, and make real investment deals that will impact the Denver area and beyond.

  • Hear from investment professionals in the areas of private equity investing, business law, business creation and development, and more
  • Network with other student members and professional advisors in a myriad of entrepreneurial businesses
  • Be part of a team that takes action and invests real dollars in real companies!

For Spring 2024, student applications are due by Friday, Jan. 19 via the form below.

We welcome any current or recently graduated CU Denver student with an interest in investing and entrepreneurship. You must be able to commit one year as a student member and one year as a mentor and be available for both the fall and spring semesters.

Every student must complete a rigorous application process. Please start by submitting an application below. If you meet the qualifications, we will respond to schedule an in-person interview at the start of the upcoming semester.  

CU Denver students of any program are invited to learn about investing and entrepreneurship through hands-on practice. Under the guidance of faculty and professional mentors, students analyze early-stage companies and startups, business and financial models, competitive markets, and successful exits. Learn the entire investment process, from reviewing pitches and making evaluations to managing an investment portfolio.  

You must be able to commit to 3-6 hours per week, with fluctuations throughout the year. Membership in RBVF can be completed in conjunction with an independent study; however, you will need a faculty sponsor and departmental approval. Please contact us for more information.