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Rachel Mimken – Director, Client Success at Choozle Inc. 

Rachel Mimken is a Jake Jabs Center alum and current director of client services at the startup company Choozle inc. in Denver, Colo.

“Education in entrepreneurship is naturally limited in what we can be taught in a book, a concept quickly pointed out during my first course with the Director of Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr. Madhavan Parthasarathy. Encouraged to run my own surveys, dig through public data, and otherwise empower myself to collect the learnings necessary to inform my business plan, I became keen on finding other avenues to further put my knowledge to the test. Enter the Jake Jabs Student Consulting Group, advised by Professor Parthasarathy. It is often difficult to pin-point the experiences that shape us professionally, but joining this consulting group under Dr. Parthasarathy’s counsel was, without question, one of the best things I ever did for my career.

After a series of consulting projects ranging from developing a pricing strategy for a small business to advising a client on an expiring patent, I began leading project teams. Through this group, I attended the Colorado Innovation Summit where I met Andrew Fischer, who is now my CEO. Selling Andrew on the idea of having us run research for them, I was able to spend time observing and impacting the development of what is now Choozle, a technology platform aimed at making digital marketing easy. Soon after graduation I joined the Choozle team officially as its fifth employee to manage their clients.

Fast forward two years and Choozle is approaching 30 employees and reaching over half a million dollars each month in revenue. I still manage our Client Services team with a focus on our strategic partners. Our product is self-serve, so my team is there to educate, advise, and otherwise empower our clients to run successful campaigns. It is not surprising how fitting this role is for me given the initial entrepreneurial spark the Jake Jabs Center influenced during my MBA program.

Being a part of creating something and seeing your efforts reflected in not just the product, but the company itself is incredibly rewarding.”

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