A Step Towards Success

Toti Cadavid, Entrepreneur

Toti Cadavid is a Jake Jabs Center alum and went on to open her own marketing agency, Xcelente Global. Cadavid is currently President and Transformation Strategist at U-Fulfilled in Denver, Colo.

“The Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship marked my life. I found it to be extremely energizing, as it made me excited about the prospect of eventually becoming an entrepreneur and opened my eyes to the many possibilities entrepreneurship could offer. I remember that I actually drafted the business plan for my first company while I was still a student, and used that plan as the base for opening my marketing agency 10 years later. The Center gave me the knowledge and confidence to take my first business, Xcelente Marketing, to great levels of success, eventually becoming one of the premier Hispanic marketing agencies in Denver.

Being an entrepreneur can be very intimidating to many people, but the Jake Jabs Center helps potential and new entrepreneurs remove those fears and build thriving businesses. Now growing my second company, I appreciate more than ever how valuable it is to have a strong foundation and a support system. Through coaching and leadership development, I currently work with top performers and entrepreneurs to bring out the best in themselves by working on their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and ensuring that they are connected with their true values. I also help my clients discover and project their authentic brand to the world, something that’s critically important for those starting their own business. I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of the Center and highly recommend it to entrepreneurs at any level.”

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